What Do My Child’s CogAT Results Indicate?


Once your child has taken the CogAT, you will receive their CogAT results. These should be fairly simple to interpret; if you’re having trouble, contact your child’s school. The scores should place your child in a certain percentile. For example, if your child scored in the 99th percentile overall, she has outperformed 99 percent of her peers and is in the top one percent of test-takers nationwide.

What is done with the results will likely be a collaboration between you and your child’s teachers. Extremely high CogAT results usually indicate that a child would benefit from gifted, enriched or talented classes or schools. On the other hand, a very low score can indicate that your child may have fallen behind his or her peers, and could benefit from some supplemental education. A score in the average range indicates that your child is performing exactly as expected, given their age and grade level.


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