Review of Aristotle Circle’s Bracken School Readiness Assessment Workbook


I recently had the opportunity to review Aristotle Circle’s newest workbook, a prep guide for the Bracken School Readiness Assessment.

The Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA) focuses on a child’s knowledge of basic concepts: Colors, Letters/sounds, Numbers/counting, Sizes/comparisons, and Shapes. While it may seem like an easy test, some of the questions can be difficult for 4-year-olds, especially when it comes to naming double digit numbers, understanding comparative vocabulary, or identifying three-dimensional shapes.

Aristotle Circle produces the Rolls Royce of test prep products and in the case of this Bracken prep guide they have not disappointed! There are two workbooks, one for parents and one for the child. The parent’s guide is easy to navigate and gives a thorough explanation of the Bracken School Readiness Assessment. There are 170 practice questions structured in ways that are similar to the test. There are 14 activity worksheets to further strengthen a child’s understanding of the concepts evaluated. The paper quality is excellent, the artwork is delightful and colorful, and the book is populated by playful aliens, making the material fun for children. A page of motivational stickers featuring these adorable monsters is included, which kids are sure to love.

At $99, this guide is an investment, to be sure. While you can certainly teach a child all of these concepts using books and material you probably already have at home, it is reassuring to see them presented in a similar way that your child will experience them on a test. With a little practice using this guide, a child should be ready when presented with these concepts during a test. More importantly, a child who has a firm grasp of this material will be well prepared for kindergarten. I would definitely give this product an “A!”

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