Chicago Public School or CPS Selective Enrollment Exam

To qualify for the best public schools in Chicago, your child will be tested. With over 3,000 applications filed for the 500 seats in Chicago’s classical and gifted kindergarten programs, parents want to do everything they can to get their children ready. Unfortunately, CPS does not disclose the name of the test(s) they use to qualify children for these programs. So getting ready for a test that you do not know the name of can be quite tricky, but it does not stop parents.

From what we can tell, the test used in Chicago to qualify for their gifted program is either the OLSAT or Otis Lennon School Ability Test or a test that is very similar to that. At, we have our clients first work with OLSAT practice questions and then CogAT or Cognitive Abilities Test to prepare their kids for the CPS Selective Enrollment Exam. The test for the Classical program is some kind of achievement test – the name of which is not disclosed by the Chicago Public School District. To prepare for that test, we suggest that our parents work with the practice questions we have for the Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement and the ITBS or Iowa Test of Basic Skills. For 50 Free practice questions you can try with your children, visit

To learn more about the CPS Selective Enrollment Exam, CLICK HERE for an informative article from the Chicago Tribune.