NNAT 2 Naglieri Sample Test Questions

Many children find the NNAT-2 Naglieri to be a relatively enjoyable test, since it’s nonverbal and doesn’t involve math questions. Although the test is nonverbal, many children find it easier to answer the questions if they work through them verbally in their head; this is especially true for harder questions that involve several steps.

Part of the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test consists of:

• Pattern Completion

• Reasoning by Analogy

• Serial Reasoning

• Spatial Visualization

The questions below will help your child see what type of material is tested on the NNAT-2, and will also get him used to the process of taking a standardized test.

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Questions 1 to 4: Say to your child: “Look at the pictures in the top two boxes. Do you see how they go together in a certain way? Now look at the picture in the bottom row. [Then point to the answers along the side.] Which picture goes with the picture on the bottom row the same way the pictures in the top row go together?”

NOTE: Answer at the bottom

1. NNAT-2 Practice Question for Pre-K and Kindergarten

2. NNAT-2 Practice Question for First Grade


3. NNAT-2 Practice Question for Second Grade


4. NNAT-2 Practice Question for Third Grade

5. NNAT-2 Practice Question for Fourth Grade

What doesn’t belong?

6. NNAT-2 Practice Question for Fifth and Sixth Grade

What doesn’t belong?

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NNAT-2 Answers for Questions

1. #2

2. #2 – It has to be a number

3. #3

4. #2

5. #2 – should only have 2 triangles between the black triangles on one side

6. #1 – 3 lines instead of 2